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Residential Trash Removal Terms and Conditions

Trash Pickup Guidelines: Trash collection is provided for everyday generated household waste, most often produced from the kitchen and bathroom. Material should be bagged and placed in the provided Choice Waste Services container(s). One personal container, 64 gallons or larger, may be used in addition to Choice Waste Services containers. Please place trash out curbside the night before pickup. **Please note: Choice Waste will not be responsible for damage to personal equipment. Choice Waste Services will not be responsible for items left within the vicinity of trash material or containers. Do not place or store valuables on or near equipment.

Unacceptable Household Waste: Household waste does not include construction, cleanout material or remodeling debris. Including rocks, concrete, dirt, soil, sod, tree stumps, tires, free liquids, paint, motor oil, combustibles, toxic or hazardous wastes, or any other material excluded from the disposal site or any applicable state or federal law as being hazardous or toxic. In addition, but not limited to flammable products, dead animals, fecal matter, manure, brick, landscaping timbers, friable or non-friable asbestos, rechargeable batteries, bio-hazardous material, needles, and other medical waste.

Recycling Pickup Guidelines: Recycling will be collected on a bi-weekly schedule. Material should be clean, loose and placed in the provided Choice Waste container(s). Acceptable material includes cardboard, newspapers, junk mail, magazines, aluminum and tin cans, plastics codes #1- #7.

Unacceptable Recycling Waste: Plastic bags, Styrofoam, garbage or yard debris, food contaminated materials, electronics, or hazardous materials. Materials listed under unacceptable household waste are also unacceptable for recycling collection.

Bulk and Special Waste Removal: Oversized bulk items, large household items such as appliances and construction or renovation material can be scheduled for removal. Items must be scheduled in advance with Customer Support and pre-paid for removal. Bulk and Special Waste must be placed curbside for collection. Items that cannot be safely removed by our crews will not be collected.

Yard Waste Guidelines: Grass clippings and leaves should be bagged or placed inside a container for removal. Bags and containers should not exceed 35 lbs. each. Brush and limbs should be cut in 3-foot lengths, 4 inches in diameter and bundled no larger than 2 feet in diameter (armful size) with rope or twine. Dirt, sand, sod, and mulch is not considered yard debris and should not be placed out for removal. Yard waste should be placed curbside for collection along with household trash. Up to 5 bags or 5 bundles of yard maintenance material, not debris due to landscaping renovation or tree removal, will be collected on your regular service day. To schedule removal of additional bags or bundles, please contact Customer Support.

Christmas Trees will be collected the first two weeks of January. Trees should be placed curbside the night before. All decorations, tinsel, lights, garland should be removed. Do not place trees in plastic bags. Trees taller than 5 feet should be cut in half.

Holidays and Inclement Weather: Choice Waste observes the following holidays and days facilities are closed: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. Choice Waste reserves the right to cancel services on any day we consider unsafe due to inclement weather or dangerous driving conditions. For updated information on impacted service schedules, please visit our website

Property: All containers provided by Choice Waste Services will remain the property of Choice Waste. Please do not write or paint on equipment. Please do not place sharp objects or hot ashes into your container(s). All equipment must remain on the property that Choice Waste Services is servicing. Damaged or lost equipment may be subject to a replacement fee.

Payments: Recurring and one-time payments can be made on our website under the Bill Pay Option. You may also mail payments to the remit address on your invoice or pay with our Customer Support staff by phone. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. Any payments not received within 30 days of the invoice date may result in late fees and possible suspension of service. All checks returned by the bank are subject to a $35.00 fee. A 30-day notice will be given for any adjustments to monthly charges that may occur due to rising disposal and operational costs.

Cancellation Policy: Customer must provide notice of cancellation by phone or mail. Account cancellation due to moving outside of current Choice Waste service area will void remainder of service agreement without penalty. Customer may cancel service at anytime due to unsatisfactory service without penalty. There will be no proration of billing and you will not be entitled to a refund if service is cancelled during a billing cycle. You will remain responsible for all charges, fees and taxes through the end of the billing cycle (including the period between the notice of termination and the end of the current billing cycle). This provision will not apply if it is contrary to a current franchise agreement, municipal contract, or other written contract applicable to this account or otherwise prohibited by law.